Jason Wolf

Hey there!  Thanks for stopping by my little spot here on the inter-webs, I’m glad you’re here.  Let me tell you a bit about myself.  I’m a Marketing & Business Development Professional  with a background in IT, Pro-Audio, media production and web design.  

As a Marketing  and Business strategist, I’m passionate about development and implementation of marketing plans that lead to expanded market share, improved brand awareness and maximized revenue. I have  a solid track record of 15+ years experience in startup and corporate business, marketing products and services from conception to delivery, across entertainment, computer, technology, retail, and consumer electronics industries.

I’m also a musician, audio engineer and music producer.  I love telling stories through music and video and completely enjoy helping others tell their story!  If music is the universal language, consider me well versed in the language of the universe!


I want to show you more, so take a look around and check out my technical, business and creative sides!





1. the process of or financial and administrative management involved in making a movie, play, or record.





  1. the practice of making one’s living by engaging in commerce.

What people say…

Jason is extremely dynamic and creative. He has unbelievably vast technical knowledge in numerous fields, and can effectively communicate with both laypeople and the upper echelons of technicians (of which is is certainly one.) His professional demeanor, kind nature and genuine talent, combined incredible skill make him a joy to work with. I wholeheartedly recommend him at every opportunity! –@ripwilliams

Jason and I have worked together on various projects over the course of the past six years. Jason is a true jack-of-all-trades. His ability to uncover and quickly master the use of new and oftentimes uncharted technology is second to none. He displays incredible skill not only on the tech side, but also from a business standpoint. This is what really sets Jason apart. He has all the genius of a software geek but also the social skills required to interface with clients and to build long standing business relationships. Jason is intently focused, at all times reliable, and makes an excellent business partner. I highly recommend. – @JesseKorman