Elephonic Studios Pro Tools Rig

What you heard was true, there is a new studio being built in Albuquerque right as I type this. Jesse, of Five Minute Sin fame is building a studio on the North side of town called Elephonic.

Last night we got together to start the long and tedious process of installing Pro Tools HD. This isn’t the kiddie ride, no siree.

This is the top of the line Pro Tools system paired to a smoking hot Apple Mac Pro sporting 8 Intel processor cores and 12 Gb of RAM. Nothing out there can even come close to the processing power this workstation (will soon) possess.

The pics I’m uploading were taken with my iPhone since I didn’t even think about docu-photographing the install. It is a big step for Elephonic as we begin to build the heart of the studio. More about this fantastic local studio to come later.

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