What to Include With an Album Submission for Review

It is important to realize right away that the ones you want to review your music get a lot of submissions. You can increase the chances of a reviewer listening to your album if you do the following:

1) Include a well written bio. Writing an affective bio is an art and should take some time to do. Keep your bio on one page. Include why your music is exciting to you, don’t use adjectives like ‘unique’ or superfluous statements like ‘one of a kind sound’.

(Bat Wings for Lab Rats current bio below)

2) Include A CD. Contrary to popular belief, the CD is not dead yet, especially to a music reviewer.

3) Maintain a professional “look” that is simple and effective. Use one font on all your printed material. Use one version of your logo.

4) Include an introduction letter, or a cover letter. Think of it like a CV. You want to have a FRIENDLY cover letter that is polite and to the point. Use the cover letter to explain who you are, what your music sounds like (yeah, reviewers actually like to hear what you think you sound like), and that you’d appreciate them giving your CD a listen.

5) Address your package and cover letter with the name of the reviewer if possible. I know this info is sometimes difficult to come by, but if you show that you did your homework, the reviewer will pay more attention.


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