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The Agency - a performance venue born from the dedication, perseverance, and passion of bringing media technology, music, art, photography, dance, and theater to the downtown Albuquerque area.

The Agency Performance Space and Gallery

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The Agency was a unique, multi-functional event space located in Albuquerque's Downtown Arts and Entertainment District. As part of the historic Yrissari building, The Agency held a natural, creative energy that you noticed the instant you came through the door. The adaptable, professional atmosphere always gots compliments from our guests. It was a truly  amazing event space.

Selected Achievements:

• Implemented a profitable market segmentation strategy in a challenging environment
• Established a differentiated competitive advantage by offering a special events venue
• Directed a highly effective live event production team, producing over 100 live events, shows and exhibits

Even though the venue closed it's doors in 2009, the legacy of the performances, creativity, music, art, and perhaps most important, PEOPLE, lives on. 

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