Today I resigned from Apple.

“So long and thanks for all the fish”

Today I resigned from Apple. In what has been probably one of the most difficult decisions in my life, I decided to resign as Senior Advisor after close to 5 years of service for the company.  It was a tough decision because I had been a life long Apple Computer user, I highly respected the company and I loved the products they produced.    The people I worked with were some of the best people I’ve ever known, being highly skilled in technology, customer service, management, business development, and on and on and on… the talent pool there is very deep and I have learned so much about myself, business, and technology just by being there.  I will never regret the experience for having worked with such wonderful people or for such an amazing company.

With that being said, and after much thought, consideration, internalization and discussions with Sheryl, I decided it was time for me to go.  I submitted my resignation letter, wrote a final farewell email to my team, friends and managers, and signed off the VPN for the last time.  It was very surreal.

The No-Plan Plan

How can something go according to a plan when there isn’t a plan to begin with?  Well, it can’t.  Without going to deep into Mgmt., it’s like a company trying to operate without a business plan or marketing strategy… you’re somewhat at the mercy of trial and error results, seeing “what works and sticking to it” or what some may call fate.  This can be very exciting and it actually reminds me of my startup days in the valley, but when you’re not 23 anymore, you have a family of 4 in tow, there’s a couple of mortgages to pay every month, vehicles to keep maintainted, and all the other cogs of domesticated life to keep lubricated, it’s not as easy as crashing on the proverbial couch and riding the winds of change… don’t get me wrong, I know I made the right decision.  I know I did.  I wholeheartedly welcome this exciting change in my life and I’m fully embracing it.   Even though I’m not 100% certain what’s coming next for me, I can’t wait!

How I knew it was time. 

I had reached the point of realizing I had golden hand cuff a few months back.  Golden handcuffs, the shiny, beautiful, strong, reliable shackles that keep you to a company or idea (or some could say spouse).  The golden shackles provided me stable income, super super affordable health insurance for my kids and I, deep discounts on all Apple Hardware and services,  discounts on other services like internet and cellular, discounts and perks in other industries as well such as travel, hospitality, and entertainment.  These golden handcuffs were very comfortable too.  I didn’t want to take them off really, it was just the idea that I had them on and that I I was wearing them that soon manifested the decision to take them off.

So this is my real life case study.  To do the things that you know you should do.  To take the risks when rewards aren’t fully realized.  To trust in yourself and the people in your life.  To live life the way you want to in the present and to force immediate change upon yourself.  The way I like to phrase it is this:  One can decide to implement incremental change that leads to making a major decision, versus making the decision that forces immediate change.  I chose the later, and it’s time to rock and roll!

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